Directory names to make tags?

My first post and just started using Mp3tag.

Took me a while to understand how to automatically select directory names for artist and album tags but that seems to work fine now.

My question is how do I modify the names to only select the part of the name that I need? I have looked at a lot of posts and the help files but I just can't work it out.

My directory structure is a result of my previous player that did not use tags. I numbered each artist directory and then each album in the artist directory using six digits (eg 000024 Battlefield Band). So now I want to lose the digits but when I try using scripting commands (eg $right etc) nothing seems to happen!

I realise it is me and my skills are not particularly great. Perhaps someone can help me?

My plan is to then let Mp3tag go through the entire directory structure putting tags on all my mp3s.


Which "names" do you mean?
Anyway: There is a function in the Converter Menu: Filename - Tag.
it allows you to enter a mask for the filenames to separate the information that is stored in there.
typically a mask looks like this:
%track% - %title%

To leave Information out that you do not want like the strange number, insert the pseudo-mask element %dummy%.
There is a preview built in that will let you see, which information will end up in which tag. Any information for the %dummy% mask element will not show.
If you have a mixture of information that is stored in the directory as well as in the filename use the backslash \ as separator. E.g.
000024 Battlefield Band\1 - Battle songs.mp3
would lead to a mask like this:
%dummy% %artist%\%track% - %title%

Once you are done with the import, you may then export information so rename the files with the function "Tag - Filename", also in the converter menu.
There is a function that lets you manipulate the filename directly but I advise you to store the information in the tags first before you throw it away by reformatting the filenames.

Thank you for your full and helpful reply.

All sorted. I had been struggling for hours looking for the right syntax and in the end it was a doddle.

Many, many thanks.