Directory Size to Folder Name or Tag

Hi all,

I want to include the size of the folder in mb to the folder name. for an album. is there a way to accomplish this? Even if it's included in a tag, I can use that to rename the folder.
Tried search other topics but no luck.

Thanks for any help.

MP3tag does not know anything about other files in a folder, so the size of a folder cannot be read from a single field (which does not exist).
You could create an export that counts the size of all treated files
see the help:
but that does not mean that this is the size of the folder as there could be other files in that folder that are not treated by MP3tag - and therefore not counted.

Once you created the export you have to find a way to get the size value somehow into the folder name ...
And then the data does not update automatically if you add or remove files or add e.g. a cover.
So I wonder where the benefit would be.

thanks for the explanation and info. i mainly need the info for the point in time and won't be adding additional info to the folders. i'll just continue to manually pull the information. appreciate it.