Directory tree?

I am not sure if this is available already or not... i cannot seem to find anything. It would be nice to have a directory tree/explorer view which would allow me to click on a folder that has the files i want to edit in it.
This way i do not have to keep adding a directory if i have many albums for example i can load one album at a time and edit the files in its folder.

This is not available but if you work with the explorer side-by-side and use the explorer to navigate to the desired folder, then

  • copy the path from the address bar in explorer and
  • paste the path into the path field in the tag panel and
  • press enter then this
  • opens that folder and all its files and subdirectories (if enabled).

Click on the toolbar button labelled "Change directory..." (:mt_dir:)

alright, i will work with explorer... i just thought it was something i missed, i really dont like clicking on "change directory" and then browsing to the directory. too many clicks

thanks again!

You can also drag folders from explorer into Mp3tag or if you installed the shell extension you can right click on a folder and select 'Mp3tag'