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Hi there,

My mp3tag won't open a directory with 20 sub-folders, each one being a ripped CD of FLAC tracks (a boxset I just got through the post).

Is there a limit of files that can be handled at once, or is there a setting I'm missing? The sub-folders work individually, but I'd rather not go through them one by one if at all possible.

Thank you.

Hi and welcome!

It should work without problem. Does it simply do nothing or is there some indication of a problem, e.g., an error message or the infamous beach ball?

The only limitation I'm aware of right now is a limit of ~3000 files opened individually (a bug in macOS's sandboxing), but not if you load them from their parent directory. There I can open tens of thousands at once.

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Hi Florian,

Thank you for replying so promptly. The program just sits there and does nothing. The Activity Monitor shows zero activity in the CPU. It's version 2.96.


I see — you're not using the latest native beta version of Mp3tag for Mac, but the Windows version wrapped via Wine.

Can you check the Filter via F3?

Alternatively, you can try the beta version if you're on macOS Mojave or later:

Thank you, Florian. I'm now using the Mac beta version. It works like a dream. The UI is clean and easy and it does the job really well. If I was in Dresden I would buy you a beer. Thank you :smile:

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I take the virtual beer :slight_smile: Thanks and happy you like it!

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