disable text boxes when no mp3 is selected

I would like to see a feature that if no mp3 is selected in the program, all the tag editing text boxes are disabled or grayed out... there has been several cases where I thought an mp3 was selected and/or somehow got unselected during my typing and the save option is grayed out because nothing is selected... hence wasting time typing the information in when it's useless because nothing was selected and when I select an mp3, the boxes erase themselves... I think disabling or graying out the input boxes when nothing is selected will help prevent this issue in the future...


I like this idea. A LOT.

Closely related: When a file or files are selected, the Tag Panel fields are populated. If you click the blank area within the file view, all files are de-selected, but the Tag Panel fields remain populated. They should go blank and be disabled, as in the suggestion above.

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Where in the file list view is this blank area located ???


When launching Mp3tag with a single album, the file list window is largely empty (below the files). This will depend on how many files are in view and the height of the window, of course. There's no real reason to click within this area as a normal part of your work flow, but one way it happens is when moving between applications and clicking back within Mp3tag to return.

Yes, I can see that there is a need to disable the Tag Panel when the List View's save status is disabled (floppy icon is greyed).


count me in, it happens so often that I fill in for nothing. It already works for the cover image!


This has been bugging me for years and years! I keep hoping that it will be fixed when a new version comes out, but so far no luck.

It seems like such a simple fix to disable the panel whenever the save icon is greyed out and unavailable.

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This is an excellent suggestion and, seemingly, way overdue. It was only made, what, eight and a half years ago?

I am a new user. I almost gave up on the program when I loaded a single file, changed a few settings, and they were not applied to the file because it was not selected. I then exited the program and got no warnings about unsaved changes. Experienced users will have gotten used to this behavior and may even have come to depend on it. But it is confusing to new users.

In addition to greying out the settings, hovering over those greyed out settings should display a message that no files are selected.

While we are at it, I also find it unsettling and error-prone to have my settings cleared if I then select a file. User data should never be discarded without a warning message. In this case, the message should be something like, "Apply these settings to the selected file(s)" with "Yes" and "No" options or maybe "Yes" and "Discard settings".

You can set that changes are applied if you navigate to the next file in the file list.
See Tools>Options>Tags

I’ve been thinking long about this and have now changed the behavior with Mp3tag v3.07a. It now enables the tag fields on the Tag Panel only if at least one file is selected in the file list, and thus, preventing accidental input.

It’s not set in stone and I’m curious on what you think about this change.


Seems to be a great idea and works fine. Thanks @Florian.

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