Disable The Reading Of Wav Files


Is there anyway to disable/exclude Mp3tag from reading Wav files from folders?

I already know how to *.mp3 in search for windows but its a lot of messing.

I've had a good look through the program options and also on the forums but cannot find an answer.

Thanks for any help :slight_smile:

Retracted: Ryerman's solution is better than filtering, because files are never loaded.

Go here: Options > Tags > "Restrict incoming files to:"
Remove *.wav; from the list

You can remove *.wav; from Options > Tags > Restrict incoming files to

I'd appreciate it if you don't mix topics here. I've already read somewhere in the forums about your wish for options for WAV tagging and instead of using this thread, it would be great to read about some background to your wish (e.g., why those options would be beneficial for you) in the OT.

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– Florian

I don't need the options personally. Since no one seems to need an ISO/UTF option for the WAV Id3v2 tag, I suppose no option is the way to go until there is a demonstrable need. I have a hunch that ISO was already obsolete when the (RIFF Id3v2) scheme was introduced.

Thanks ryerman

I knew there had to be an easy way which I was so blind to see :laughing:


If you are converting files from say FLAC to M4a within iTunes, you need to convert the files
into WAV before hand as iTunes does not convert FLAC.

So you have your untagged m4a files sitting in your iTunes folder and you want to copy the tags
across from the original folder, but if you right click the folder then you get WAV + FLAC which
will totally mess up when copying them over to the M4a files.

So its better for me to exclude these WAV files :wink:

Then don't convert them in iTunes! I have a utility that will convert FLAC or WAV to M4A, complete with tag info. You can find Audacity here: