Disable the splash screen

Hi. I'd like to know if there's a hidden setting or something to disable the splash screen. I use this program often and it's annoying to see that splash every time. Thanks.

See here:
How To Disable Splash Screen?
No, there is none.

It seems that some people asked for this option for years. I wonder why the developer doesn't want to add this very simple switch (on/off)...

Maybe because of

How To Disable Splash Screen?

Mp3tag loads pretty fast anyway, that splash screen is useless. It's annoying to see that splash screen every time I start the program.

Workaround: Shut your eyes for a moment.


I've been using Mp3tag for many years and the splash screen has never annoyed me. And I'm annoyed very easily. :wink:

I've also been using it heavily for years

Until now I can say, that I really have noticed the splash screen- I had to check out if there is one; and now that I did, it will propably annoy me