Disable The Write Protection


For every single music file I click on which is 'write protected', a pop-up appears asking 'Shall Mp3tag disable the write protection of this and my following read-only files?' (Shown attached).

This is a tedious process if I have over a hundred music files to edit which are write protected.

Is there any way of disabling this pop-up to continue editing without this pop-up appearing?



search for all files with explorer -> rightclick -> disable write protection for all files.

btw: this dialog should only appear one per process

What is going on in your system that the current user stumbles over so many write-protected files? Are the access rights not up-to-date?
Who put the write protection on the files and for what reason? Is it a valid reason and MP3tag is only right to ask every time?

The Access rights are are not the same as write-protection.
The user has probaly copied these files from a medium that is write-protected by default and has not told windows to move the write-protection. (For instance a CD, DVD)

I know.
Still, if you work with a collection that has a different owner than the current user-id, you get the message if you want to overwrite the file which looks a lot like a write protection.

The bottom line is: something is completely up the spout in that file system and MP3tag is only the messenger. It would be a good idea to tidy up the attributes and ownerships and then start editing in a clean system.

But you won't get this specific message. Mp3Tag only offers to disable the write-protection if a files is really write-protected, not so if there are no access rights.

I had the same problem and I found a workout. Select every file and open with mp3tag. Go to an empty (or irrelevant field) and insert a character (e.g. a dot). Then rename. mp3tag is asking about disabling the read-only protection, you click "yes" and you have a batch un-protection process. If you like, you can then delete the character you added from all files and re-save.