Disabled / Greyed-Out 'OK' button in Tag Convert

I have searched the Forum for an answer and I cannot find the cause of my problem.

If I want to convert the Filename to Tag or Filename to Filename, the OK button and Preview button are disabled or greyed-out ??

It does not appear to do this on all MP3's, but I have some that cannot be converted using these convert features.

I therefore have to copy and paste each field across to the Tag information and save, which makes things musch slower.

I am sure this is something really simple, but I have spent ages trying to work it out and can't find an answer.

Any ideas?

BTW - Great programme!

Many thanks.

Hello?..................In the words of Pink Floyd "Is there anybody out there?"

Have I discovered an unsolvable problem here?

When sorted I will be happy to contribute real actual money to the authors of this otherwise excellent piece of software.

I also own and have paid for other similar mp3 tag editors in the past and this is definitely the best I have used to date (other than the problem I am trying to rectify).

Any related suggestions most gratefully received.

Many thanks.

Did you click on "Help" and read corresponding chapters?

When the OK button is not available, it means you have entered a pattern/string that does not match the filename.
Please look carefully that your pattern matches.
Simple example:
Filename: Pink Floyd.mp3
String: %artist% - %title%
-> It can't work because there is no " - " in the filename.

Dano you're a star, thanks so much for the info, I really thought I'd checked everything.

Thanks for taking the time. Best wishes.