Disappering Thumbnails in Folders

I Have my mp3 music tagged so i see cover art thumbnails
in windows folder view

Today i was listening to music i didnt do anything
turned off my pc, when i came back some hours later
all my mp3 thumbnails was gone.

I checked folder view option and thumbnails are turned on
I can see thumbnail preview for irfanview images
but Winamp mp3 cover art thumbnails wont work
reinstall winamp didnt work

Any help realy apreciated

Same problem as this person

As you have found more or less all that MP3tag can do about MS WIndows' behaviour, what have you tried and what is still waiting to be tried?

I have no idea what to do
I realy want to fix it, i have gone into properties in windows folder
and thumbnail are on so thats fine, i installed another winamp version
i checked album art are there with Tag and rename (program i use for id tag album art on mp3)
they all fine and show up in tag and rename and my music player which i use on street
fine, but not show up on my windows home Pc folders

what i havent tried yet is to find third party program that can show mp3 thumbnail
if such program exist i am not able to find it yet that could be a fix