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This topic has been previously addressed, but I am reviving it to see if there is new information.

I am looking for a way to distinguish disc 1 out of a multiple disc set from disc 1 out of a single disc album, in order to format the Tag - Filename string. For the former, I would like to use "Disc n" in the filename, but for the latter, would like the filename without the disc specified.

Some others have handled this situation by simply making sure single disc albums have an empty %discnumber% field, but I'd like to find the proper way to handle it. Is there a meta-method that will evaluate the length of %discnumber% for all tracks of the same album name within the specified MP3tag directory? I was thinking I could combine something like that with an if statement to get the desired behavior.

If there is a better way to handle this situation, could you please point me in the right direction?

In a post from 2013 (https://forums.mp3tag.de/lofiversion/index.php?t17128.html) user ohrenkino on Mar 25, 2013 said:
"MP3tag does not compare files."

Has this changed?

No, it has not changed.
You could use discnumbers like 1/1, 1/2, 2/3 etc.
And then check whether the "of x" is higher than 1.
Yet, you would have to do it manually, there is no automatism.

Also, there are schemes where you use the discnumber simply as prefix to the tracknumber like
101, 102, 201 etc. But this would be similar to leaving the discnumber empty for 1-cd-albums.

I'm working in my collection of 70,000 tracks, which I export to a SQL database. I heartily
recommend that you keep numeric data pure numeric, without slashes. I'm actually getting rid
of all the slashes from these numeric fields. If a disc is a single, don't put in ANY disc number.
It's meaningless data. In a collection, just use the disc number without total discs. Same with tracks.
You can always sort on album, disc, and track, so having the total tracks recorded in the track field is useless.
And it produces some strange alphanumeric sorts, too.

As far a disk number, for a collection I like to include it in the album title. This works well as long
as the content of the Album tag are consistent in length and spelling, making them sort in proper
order that way.

Essentially, keep data tags simple and clean. Don't put in data you don't need.
You won't regret it is a large collection

Thanks for your comment.

I agree; I make sure my track number tags are only numeric for the same reasons (not because I'm constrained by a data type in a DB schema but for sorting and scripting purposes). I guess I'll just continue to handle distinguishing this data manually by blanking the disc number for single disc albums and by adding a disc number for multi-disc albums.

Sure would be nice if there was a comparison engine in MP3tag. Probably not very easy to implement but it would be useful for this and other purposes.

I still love MP3tag.

Yes, I love it too. It's the best thing I've found for my collection. Your comment on comparison is
exactly why I export to a database where I can use SQL. There is a function in SQL Server that does a
'fuzzy search' which helps find misspellings based on rating how similar items are. I never
automatically download tag data because of the great lack of quality. At this point all I do is load
all tag fields into a single table, then go back to MP3Tag to fix the data at the source, but eventually
I will break the data down into a nice relational database design.

There is lots to be said for Florian not making MP3Tag TOO large and complex, but keeping it doing
what it does well.

I would, however, like to see a 64-bit version which would handle larger amounts of data and updates.
I have to break my collection into sub-sections and only load about one tenth at a time for working.
Even loading about 5k tracks at a time, the program aborts regularly after the number of updates
grows to some unknown number. Then I have to reload the working directory.