Disc defrag order


I'm looking for a software that will let me defragment my disc but with setting the order of folders- so that a I can put most accessed data where it will be read faster. Does anyone know of such?

I am already using UltimateDefrag for that purpose. But my full version 3 says "error" for one of the discs, while a trail of the newest installment of the version 5 analyzes the same disc but then then defragments it in a matter of seconds- not doing any work actually. [For other discs UltimateDefrag software works A-OK, but the drive in question has 8 TB and I was able to remove from it temporarily only 2 TB of data- so I cannot format it. The CHKDSK option did not show up any problems on it; and there were no problems with defragmenting that drive in the past with UltimateDefrag. Moreover, other defragmenting software has no problem with that disc today]


There is no order of folders that has any influence and with modern Windows it is not necessary to defragment your disk with separate software. Windows itself does this regularly in a sufficient way with harddisks.


Please... I had / read such discussions in other places. To sum them up:

A] My speed tests / usage clearly show there is a need for defragmenting

B] With different kinds of data like multiple copies of my music and multiple OS images residing on the same drive, it is beneficial to store aforementioned music in the outer tracks [as I access them frequently in opposition to almost very rarely used system images]

C] How does this blunt Microsoft tool can be seriously compared with all those pieces of software out there? It's like comparing Windows Explorer with probably any available file handler- yes they both work; and that's about it. Bottom line: this Microsoft tool does not have the feature wich I am after

Aside from that: my Windows 7 x64 does not do anything regularly without my consent; is what I like to believe, but it is certainly true in regard to defragmentation


Don't make speed tests, just work with your computer. And as long as you don't notice any mentionable difference in work, there is no sense in tuning to get a task done in 199 seconds instead of 200 seconds.

If this is so you have no standard installation or changed the features of your windows installation yourself in this point and got it done by some of these "marvellous" windows tuning programs on the market, which are responsible for a lot of the problems users have with windows.

If you have not done one of these things have a look at the windows task scheduler in the section "Microsoft\Windows\Defrag". There you will probably find a task for defrag that is scheduled once a week, Wednesday 1.00 am.

I was not saying that defrag has this feature you're after. I am saying that there is no necessity to waste spirit on such features.


Here is a Wikipedia article on Defragmentation:

It also deals with a possible performance increase.


I did the first one and then started doing the other

As for the differences I'm talking about going from speeds of 100-150 MB/s to 15-20 MB/s

It's either the fault of the drive itself no matter what I do [in that it will be that slow with the last ~5% of available space]

Or this can me improved with a specific defragmentation [which for some reasons started to work properly on that particular drive]

If it wasn't for all those pieces of software and edits in the registry, I wouldn't dare to call my hardware a personal computer but a console-like-substitute

You say this and my empirical data says the opposite

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Defragmentati..._and_optimizing section confirms my claims

Unfortunately the https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Comparison_of...tation_software section does differentiate by the option that I am after