disc id or just how to find

Im having trouble finding the right tags from within Mp3tag

The cd/lp "now thats what i call music 1 " (and others) simply do not show up from within this MIGHTY program - i can find the RIGHT Cd browsing Musicbrainz ... can i somehow use the disc id when searching in program or .... ??

Look up on internet : http://musicbrainz.org/release/07971e8a-9b...5974138/discids

this is the right " Now thats..... music 1"

Sorry, I do not understand what you are talking about.
Does MP3tag show tags or not?
What has Musicbrainz got to do with it?
If you already know what the album is called, why don't you simply type it into the tag panel and save the information to the tags?

it show tag yes- but not for THE correct "now thats what i call music 1 " .. there are more series of now thats series
and the ones that shows up in mp3tag is something like this
uk serie
but not the one mentioned i first post

Musicbrainz has the thing "to do with it" that they have the correct album listed amazon ect does not.

Go to /t/3591/1
and download/install the direct id script.
Call the script and you can enter the release id in the search box 07971e8a-...
to tag that album.