Disc Number Empty Value

So I remove the disc number from any album with only one disc, but when there is more than one disc I have subfolders in the album folder for each disc, eg Disc 1, Disc 2 etc.

I am using the following rename string:
%artist%'['%year%']' %album% \Disc %discnumber%$num(%track%,2). %title%

Problem is is that when the disc number field is empty a Disc folder is still created, what can I add to the string so that no disc folder is created when that value is empty?

Modify your string to
%artist%'['%year%']' %album% [\Disc %discnumber%]$num(%track%,2). %title%

the [] work as some kind of "if" operator. Only if there is a value in %discnumber% the statement inside the [] is executed.

Ah thank you so much, works perfectly! :slight_smile: