Discnumbe, Album Artist, Composer fields

Hi. Could somebody help me out if possible. I'm referring to the Tag Panel fields. I really don't want to see them on my tags. They have a button to click them < blank >, which I like. But is there a way I can have the default value of all these fields set to < blank > without manually doing it all the time. Even if I say delete these from the tag I still see them in the properties using another tag editor. So deleting them doesn't work. I don't care what the disc number is. And I don't care about the other 2 fields. And I don't like the comment field either. But they have a < blank > default option for that. Even though it doesn't work all the time. I wish there was a setting to change the track number to 1,2 etc instead of 01,02 etc. Some people like putting a 0 in front of the numbers. Not me. But I have to do that manually too. Thank you. Great software still. :rolleyes:

The tag panel only reflects the contents of tags. Any default value only applies for fields that do not have a value set yet. If there is a value, then that is the default. If there are different values then there can't be a default.
Actually, I do not think that you can set a default to . The choice is between keep, delete and actual value(s). Are we talking about MP3tag?
You can hide the tag panel with the function in the menu View if you do not like the tag panel itself.
You totally delete tags either with an action or in the extended tag dialogue.
You can remove any leading zeros in tracks with the track numbering assistant by unticking the option "Leading zeros".
I am not sure what

I can't say anything about the display in other programs as it may be possible that they simply supply a mask with the standard mp3 tags but do not fill them as there is no data.

Hi. I don't see the leading zeros option. Where would that be? Thanks

See attached picture ...


Hi. Well I see that. But when I click that button it messes up the real track number. And it starts at track 1.

Please have a look at the Actions in Mp3tag:
You can use a Remove fields action to delete all tag fields that you don't want

And here is an example how to remove leading zeros from the track numbers: