Discog...what am I doing wrong?

Hi folks..I tried searching but found no helpful info.

I have a bunch of albums...Goa Trance Missions...vol. 2 -30...amazon and musicbrainz only has a few but Discogs seems to have all of them. How the heck to I tag my tracks from discogs?

I copied over those scripts over into the appdata/mp3tag/data/sources folder...but I'm not sure what to enter to find the album. I thought you can just enter the last digits from teh link


I select all the tracks and put 2276103 but just get "sorry, no entries are matching your search criteria"

Sorry if this is a super noob question. I just can't figure it out!


your basic discription is correct so far. but there are different scripts in the forum and many of them have different ways to search. what discogs script are you using?

of course, hours later after being able to jump on my computer again I see the new discogs menu in the drop down that indeed does let me enter the ID number and it does work now.

So its working now finally :slight_smile: Thanks for the reply.

While I'm here...is there a script to actually search the iTunes store for tracklists?

No, at the moment there isn't.

Thanks for the info, Pone.