Discogs - Adding vinylno (A1, A2, etc) in Tracks field


Hi There,

I have my own .src which is a combination of others posted here. My last tweak is to change the Tracks number from 1, 2, 3 to vinyl side (A1, A2...).

I tried copying Ydope's posted info for 'vinylno', set it to output to Track field but i could not get it to work. Can anyone look at my attached .src and tell me how i would replace the #Tracks field to output vinyl side instead of track number?

Thanks for the help!

discogs_jefftest.src (3.41 KB)


I will just attach the version I'm now using. Maybe it's of use. I didnt make the vinyl part so I dont know how it works. Vinylno. is not given back if it's just a normal CD. I would recommend getting track number AND vinylno. Makes it more compatible with other software and there are cases where alphabetical sorting of the vinylno. would give a wrong sorting. There is a small problem with releases like this one: http://www.discogs.com/release/547840 . You might find that out yourself....

discogs_release_ext3.src (7.62 KB)