Discogs - album tag get changed?

Since today I get a strange album tag by searching with the discogs script, e.g. "Komëit (CD) at Discogs".

Can anybody confirm this?

Unfortunatly I can. Just recognized it. Horrible!

Thanks for the heads-up
You can download the updated discogs.zip from here

Thx for your help, but the new script has the same mistake and even grabs not so much infos (i.e. style etc)

Thx Dano.

Can you tell me the difference, because I use one of the modified scripts and I don't know what I have to edit.

P.S.: I thought I would know it, but it doesn't work. <_<

@discodad: dl the discogs.zip, it works.

I have done this:

findline "<title>"
findinline "<title>"   

# Album
outputto "Album"
findline "- "
findinline "- "
sayuntil "<"


# Album
outputto "Album"
findline "class=\"releaseTitle"
findinline "</a>  - "
sayuntil "</h1>"

Now discogs_Release_ID.zip is also fixed.

Hmmm, I did the same but it didn't work. <_<

Edit: I didn't remove the two findlines ontop - I think I have too.

Edit²: I modified the wrong part, so the ext4 script is working now - ty

the new discogs script kills the new album tag with "at discogs etc", but grabs only 2 or 3 infos from discogs. only publisher and style, no year, catalogue, country, foramt etc

Argh, what is discogs doing?

I get an error with Release ID search, now - everything was fine until yesterday.

With the old script it is working, but with the changed AlbumTag.

Edit: Strange, everything is fine again, today.