Discogs and Oauth

I can't get Discogs and MP3tag to register with each other. I keep reading somewhere that MP3tag is supposed to trigger some kind of token that will register MP3tag with Discogs... or something like that. I just want both of them to work.

I get a dialogue box in MP3tag asking for an authorization code, which I leave blank since I can't get one no matter what I do. From that, I get "Failed to authenticate using OAuth (2)."

I'm using MP3tag v.2.65a, and as I recall it worked fine before I upgraded. I've had a Discogs account for over four years without a single problem.

I've gone through both here and discogs with a fine toothed comb and have found absolutely nothing to fix this issue for me. I need this fixed ASAFP.

See this thread for more explanations.
In general: no access code - no access.

I've already looked at that. All it says is that I'll have to authorize it. It doesn't say how to authorize it. All I know is that everything was working fine until I installed 2.65a. How do I get the code. What do I have to physically do? What is the process to obtain a code? Clearly you didn't read my concern before replying.

It is not always clear if posters in this forum have actually read all the information that is available. In your original post I cannot see a reference to that thread I mentioned. So I just wanted to make sure.
If you have problems with the discogs page and their way of guiding users to certain functions then try to get help there. It is definitely not an MP3tag problem.

The fact that you noticed the different behaviour with a newer version is purely coincidental as discogs has changed the way to access their page. And this applies to all versions. So it would be of no use to go back to a former version.

Here is some documentation from Discogs about how an application (like Mp3tag) should ask users to authorize the app on behalf of their Discogs account.

It seems to say that Mp3tag should redirect users to the "Authorization page" (presumably a page like this), before they are asked for an Authorization code.

If the OP is not being re-directed, then there may be a problem with Mp3tag or at least the user's particular installation.

What can users expect to see on screen when first attempting to access Discogs?
Will they be re-directed to an "Authorization page"?

It would be helpful to have a step-by-step guide for users to allow and/or repair access to Discogs, even if some of the steps involve the Discogs website.

Can you supply such a description?

No, but I can suggest a framework that may be useful for the developer or any knowledgeable user.

The few sentences found here could be expanded with details, examples and screen shots.
For example:
How to Authorize Mp3tag to Access Discogs

  1. Create an account at Discogs

  2. In Mp3tag, use any Discogs Tag Source, as normal

  3. -explain what happens next. (assuming the user has not authorized Mp3tag on their account)
    -provide a screenshot of the request for authorization (assuming such a thing happens)
    -explain what Mp3tag requires (I assume some "authorization code")

  4. -explain how to get to the authorization page (maybe Mp3tag re-directs?)
    -provide a screenshot of the Discogs authorization page

  5. -explain what to do at the Discogs authorization page

  6. -explain what to do with whatever information is obtained from the Discogs authorization page

  7. -explain how to know if you have successfully authorized Mp3tag to access Discogs

How to Repair or Edit Mp3tag's Authorization to Access Discogs.

  1. Go to some web page

  2. Do this

  3. Do that

Meanwhile, can you answer my previous questions?:

What can users expect to see on screen when first attempting to access Discogs?
Will they be re-directed to an "Authorization page"?