Discogs Artist + Title (Quick) Ignores (Bside) Tracks (Sometimes)

Lets try to recreate it shall we? Grab a file and call it Arnold Jarvis - Take Some Time Out.flac (Just to replicate this bug)

Now once in your library hit Discogs Artist + Title (Quick) in the top menu near the wrench (If your setup is default).

You will get a few tracks. The one we want is:
Name: Arnold Jarvis β€Ž- Take Some Time Out Label: Fourth Floor Records β€Ž- FF287R Country: UK /Subgenre: Deep House / Year : Sep 2016 Reissue

On mine that is second from the top if you hit Year and have it Latest to oldest

After hitting Next a few more items comes up and the one we want is the (Dub) version... On mine that is the last of the three on the bottom left.

If you hit that you will see track no B2 (Top Left) and fix the name to Take Some Time Out (Dub)

After hitting OK and After I say... yes give me the cover the track changes to Take Some Time Out (Club). Not Dub.

The purpose of doing all this is I have over 400 Flac Tracks with the songs in the name but no tags. Some of the names is missing key parts. Like (Dub) (Deep Mix) etc.

Once I have them all correct I want to covert them from Tag to Filename.

I need this done because as it is now some tracks will be overwritten. (I have a club and it is not this track)

If you also reproduced this bug how long do you think the fix will be out?

Love the software that is why I am sticking with it.

I'm not sure what you mean by this.
Track B2 already is "Take some Time Out (Dub)" (no need to change) and when you arrange your file in the right windows to this track (drag it down) it will get the correct title.

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You would have to do it to see the point. The Sofware does not add the correct data once you click on it. The follow through was to reproduce the error.

Could you supply a screendump that shows the situation where the data switches back to a different title?

I apologize you are indeed correct. I am not sure why it is designed that way but you need to click the file name then click the move down box.

OK love the software and I am mistaken this is not a bug but definably not UI intuitive.

I was indeed clicking on the tracks section on the left which actually updates the Medtadate Title and obviously when you hit OK it reverts to the default track which is the first.

I appreciate the patience in reading my issue. Would the team update this to work more logically?

I did not because it is more UI than a Bug.
I am indeed incorrect in regards to the software failing.

If you tag a single file from a medium that has more tracks, it is hard for MP3tag to guess which track corresponds to your file.
That is why you can align the file with the listed track.
And if you are not sure if the entry in the list is the correct one, you get more detailed information when you click on it.

As I wrote you can also drag the file down to the right position.

Discogs is a media-centric resource. So it's only logical that the GUI shows the selected album or single whose tracks you have to assign your file to.

Personally, I can hardly remember ever having the idea of ​​looking for a single song. And I can assure you that this GUI is very good for tagging whole albums.

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