Discogs authorisation

Moin Moin,
I just have a simple question with regards to DISCOGS and APP authorisation. I have read on the DISCOGS site that once the APP is authorised there is not further authorisation required.
Now why is DISCOGS asking me after a X-Number of TAG look-ups to re-authorise MP3TAG?
It is no biggy or annoying but I was just wondering?

Ta very much Thomas

Are you maybe authorizing from different computers / Mp3tag installations?

Hello Florian,
no it is always the same notebook. Is it possible that CCleaner could remove it? I guess the token is system specific and does not bother with IP addresses etc
I can not think of anything else, I run CCleaner regular to clean crap out and I have currently a very unstable connection. - That is all I can think of ..

Cheers T

No, CCleaner should not be messing with the authorization token. Do you change your system time occasionally? If so, this can be related.

Nope, no manual system time changes. System is set to do that whenever it does its checks and this should not be significant ..
I just checked it and it is with today's auth, the 5st time since March 25. That is when I start using MP3TAG again to manually clean a section of my collection.

Happened again today ...

beets |granted 2020-01-20 03:27:30 |Revoke|
|Mp3tag |granted 2021-03-25 04:55:29 |Revoke|
|Mp3tag |granted 2021-04-11 00:32:35 |Revoke|
|Mp3tag |granted 2021-04-11 00:53:42 |Revoke|
|Mp3tag |granted 2021-04-12 05:09:07 |Revoke|
|Mp3tag |granted 2021-04-14 02:37:47 |Revoke|
|Mp3tag |granted 2021-04-16 05:09:16 |Revoke |

Where do you get this log from?


logon to DISCOGS -> SETTINGS -> APPLICATIONS (here are all authorisations recorded/stored)


Cheers TL

OK, I actually know where this is. Just wasn't sure if you're referring to this page.

Mp3tag stores the auth token in its configuration file mp3tag.cfg. Do you change this in any way or rollback from backups?


MP3TAG is installed as is, I do no think I have made any config changes after the installation or during the time I have been using it. The only thing I do, before I shutdown I run CCleaner to clear out cookies etc ..
It does not bother me, I was just curious and thought I ask. I will see if I can work out what I am doing to make this happen.

Don't worry ...

Hallo Florian,

it seems the authentication issue is system time related, I still do not know yet as to why. If the authentication request pops up and I then manually sync the system I can continue to work under the original auth-code. The system logs clean - no errors - no warnings and the time difference cannot be more then seconds. I will go and buy/order a new system-board-batterie for the notebook as it around 6 years old, if that does not fix it I will need to reinstall.
Nothing is worse then to know how to workaround a problem but not be able to fix it!

Anyhow I thought I just post a quick update ..

Yes :smiley: It's because the timestamp is part of the OAuth signature in the request.