discogs authorization

Hi. Why do I have to get a authorization code to look up a song at Discogs? I made a account which I really didn't want to. And I checked one song and got the code. It worked. But why do I have to get a code for every song. Time consuming. Why can't one code work for every song? I liked the old way. Never had to get codes before. Is there a way to use one code for every song. Or am I stuck with the slow way.

Look here for some advice on how to authenticate:

No, it is not the usual case that you have to register again and again. So perhaps you should update to the latest version and make sure that the cfg-file has write-access for the current user-id.

Thank you. I don't know if I did it exactly but it's working. I don't have to get a code for every song. So that's good. Thank you