Discogs: Discsubtitle, Setsubtitle

Is it possible to add Discogs to the script - get information about album's subtitles?
This is useful mainly for Box, Deluxe, Anniversary publishing, etc., recently quite often issued. This will allow you to better orientate yourself in the structure. This information is on the Discogs site.
They were possible to be downloaded by the Discogs Pony script, but this one unfortunately is not working anymore.
In the latest version of Mp3Tag, the Subtrack function was added (it's great) - the subtitle of the album would be a nice addition.
Is it also possible to add a configuration of the Discogs script (possibly the Update TAG option) to download only the information I need. In most of the old albums, I have basic information and I do not want to modify it by downloading the missing info from Discogs.