Discogs "Error connecting to server" with 2.64

Hello, I am a new user so not reporting this as a bug as I may have a problem with my setup. Am using latest version 2.64 and have successfully authorised MP3Tag against my Discogs account (also checked this on my Discogs user settings page). Using 'Tag Sources > discogs' I can search for albums OK, and select a match, but clicking 'Next' always gives me a connection error message.
Any ideas what the problem might be?
Thank you

There has been a similar post in the German section.
There the cause was an outdated discogs script.
If you have used an earlier version of Mp3tag, it could be that you didn't get the update.
check %appdata%\Mp3tag\data\sources
if it has the latest script.

I've checked and I've got version 2.6 (12/6/14). How do I check if this is current?
Thanks for your help

The latest version is now [2014-10-03] v1.01 and I've uploaded it to the Web Sources Archive where you can simply download it and copy it to the above-mentioned directory.

Please also make sure that you're using the latest Development Build of Mp3tag.

Kind regards