Discogs everything

Maybe your connection isn't downloading the cover fast enough.
You can go to Options > Networking and increase the Timeout.

wow! it worked, set to 60 seconds and it downloaded the cover it never downloaded before which is 299.14 KB

thanks a lot Dano, i really appreciate your help!!


tagged a lot of releases yesterday with no issues. thanks again Dano! :slight_smile:

:smiley: :music:
Thanks Dano !!!! I will check this option also, just in case

Minor changes on *.ext5.src files. I improve the regex to get clean format and release year in the index window.

I do not use so much those files. I often go on discogs website with my browser, search for a releases and then just use the relesease script with the ID.


Band ... known as 'Album Artist' in foobar

and in Windows Media Player, WinAmp, MediaMonkey etc... :wink:

Florian, how about adding Album Artist as an alias to Mp3tag? It would make things easier for users not au fait with the ID3 tag frame name standard i.e. most! :wink:


and first of all "thx for the nice work"

I found out something. I used discogs_artist_ext4_original.src before and when I switched to ext.5 I only found a few of the artists releases.
For example try

Pole (with ext5 I found 22 releases, with ext4 I found all of the 41 releases)

Why is that?



hi . . . is there any possibility to modify the script for YEAR/MONTH releaseoutput (or YYYY-MM)? i

want to tag my id like that "2007-03_artist-track"


Hi y'all taggers out there

First of all i'd like to say thanks to everyone contributing to the mp3tag community
This little program has made my life so much easier.

I use the program almost always with the extended discogs script
I tried a little messing with the script myself but without any result as I'm not quite the programmer myself.

Now I was wondering if it would be possible to get the information of the "MIXTARTIST" info placed next to the "TITLE" so that they would be saved next to each other as "TITLE MIXTARTIST"

For making it clear I'll illustrate with an example:
this release
track 4:
ARTIST: Opgezwolle
TITLE: Gekkenhuis (Featuring - Jawat)

That would be interesting for me too.

Sometimes I get no result at all with ext5.

hello there
have one beginner question

If original discogs script is fine, but just want CATALOG number info

Is it ok to just open original .src and paste this from your script?

Catalog Number

outputto "catalog"
gotoline 2
findline "

Catalog#: "
joinuntil " "
killtag "*"
regexpreplace "^\s+Catalog#:\s+" ""

and save like that?


  • url encoding function could be a great addition [added]

What this readlly added to Mp3tag? I find no mention on the Help function list.

But I really would like to use it!


Yes, url encoding capability was added to the [Encoding]= option of src files.

Oh, I see. (I was hoping enc/dec made it to scripting.) Thanks.