Discogs everything

Based on dano's Discogs scripts here are 3 extended scripts that get
Artist, Album, Genre, Title, Year, Style, Publisher, Mediatype, Mixartist, Cover
just like dano's and furthermore
Catalog#., Vinylno. (for vinyl rips), Band (for releases by more than one artist, known as 'Album Artist' in foobar), Country, Credits, Notes and Discogs Release No.
That is basically the complete information discogs.com offers about a release.

From my experience each of these scripts can be used at different opportunities: When you have a correct %artist% or %album% tag or it's easy to type it in, you use one of the respective two scripts. And the third scripts is useful if you have already tagged the release and just want to 'update' the discogs info. Or when you dont have any info besides the filename it's sometimes also the most easy way to just look it up on discogs.com and use the discogs release no.

  1. discogs_album-ext4.src
    • Containes album search
    • discogs_artist-ext4.src
    • Containes artist search
    • discogs_release-ext4.src
    • Uses the discogs release nr. It expects it to be stored in a tag named %discogs-id%.
If you store the discogs-id (aka discogs release no.) somewhere else (e.g. in %comment%) you have to change this line:
[SearchBy]=%discogs-id% (to '[SearchBy]=%comment%') in order for discogs_release to work best.
Also recommended in that case is to change this line (for 2 times in 3 scripts each):
outputto "discogs-id"
(to 'outputto "comment"').

If something doesnt work, please tell me.

Edit/Update (23.01.2007):

  • Fix: when a release had no rating there was an error
  • Tweak: no more cases with ';' at the end of notes or credits
  • Addition: %discogs-id% also retrieved in discogs_release script and for various artists albums in discogs_artist script
Edit (11.02.2007):
  • Fix: Hyperlinks in Notes/Credits should now cause no more trouble.

discogs_album_ext4.src (10.8 KB)

discogs_artist_ext4.src (10.8 KB)

discogs_release_ext4.src (10.6 KB)

Is it possible to add also the DISCOGS-Field "Released:" and to give out the Release-Date in a format like: "Jear, Month"??? That would be great!

massive script, thx! but as i'm kind of new to this all, can anyone tell me how to get rid of "Arranged By, Mixed By, Producer, Written-By" when moving the credits to composer, so winamp directly shows name of composer without "Arranged By, Mixed By, Producer, Written-By"!?

ah well, and 2nd question: if i change "Label:" to Copyright-Field and want the Catalog# right next to the Label in Copyright-Field too, how to get a ": " inbetween Label and Catalog#???

thx i.a.

Sorry, that's not planned.

%mixartist% ist always of the same structure so you can do that by making an action that does it. But I cant tell you off-hand how-to. If you have no luck yourself maybe ask in the support forum.

Hi Ydope!

I really loved your scripts, they have been a great help. But since yesterday they don't work anymore. Maybe disocgs changed something. Would it be possible for for you to fix them?

Thx a lot for your help

Kindest regards


looks like I've opened a separate topic regarding that, please refer /t/5390/1, thanks

Hi everyone,
I am te new with mp3Tag. It is what I dreamed of for editing and searching music information.

Lets go now in this topic.
I went on the source files to see what was wrong with this scripts and Discogs. Most errors just come from a gotoline 1, just replace it by gotoline 2, and sometimes there is trouble with saynextnumber, replace it with sayuntil """. I saw also a trouble with a do while.

I went also to those posts:

I get some trouble finding artists or albums with accentued characters with the script on this topic. I get more results with the scripts at /t/1992/1 but it doesn't import all tags. In conclusion I updated several scripts.

These files are a compilation of both scripts.
discogs_artist_ext5.src (11.4 KB)discogs_artiste_title_ext5.src (11.5 KB)discogs_album_ext5.src (11.5 KB)discogs_release_ext5.src (11.2 KB)

  • There are no years in the results. I went on discogs to see if we could get different search results. Apparently not, even with the Rest API http://www.discogs.com/help/api.

  • I removed the numbers with artist names. Maybe that could be done for other tags with regexpreplace " (\d)" ""

  • I added utf-8 support to get better results.

  • I added some fields:
    "Comment catalog number" /used by tag&rename

New *ext4-original.src files
These original src files have been updated and corrected
discogs_album_ext4_original.src (11.3 KB)discogs_artist_ext4_original.src (11.3 KB)discogs_release_ext4_original.src (11.1 KB)

  • I added utf-8 support to get better results.

  • I added some fields:
    "Comment catalog number" /used by tag&rename

  • There is still an error message with artist without releases


  • mp3tag is great.
  • I have waisted time with the do while loop because of a poor documentation
  • url encoding function could be a great addition [added]
  • parse or urlencode/urldecode for [SearchBy] could be a great addition [added]
  • you should use several scripts to find results
  • How could I put several pictures via src files ? I couldn't find tag name for multiple covers !!!!

See you

discogs_album_ext4_original.src (11.3 KB)

discogs_artist_ext4_original.src (11.3 KB)

discogs_release_ext4_original.src (11.1 KB)

discogs_album_ext5.src (11.5 KB)

discogs_artist_ext5.src (11.4 KB)

discogs_artiste_title_ext5.src (11.5 KB)

discogs_release_ext5.src (11.2 KB)

yeah i noticed that as well. the built-in discogs earch of mp3tag (without enhanced scripts) doesn't work anymore either... :-/

@ eric: your updated scripts seem to work fine as far as i can tell. thanks man.

artist names don't work for VA releases with the scripts above...the artist field remains empty.

I just test it. It seems to work. Could you send me an example ?

well, for example

i run an album search for "Total 3"

i get the result window with Various / Total 3 / CD etc...

when i click it, i get all the information, the track titles are correct, but there are no artists for each track.

i also think the title information should appear first (in album view), because the track titles are more essential than, let's say, the discogs ID or the publisher, which appear first, but maybe thats just me....

and there is encoding trouble with "total 3". I ll check that tonight

I updated Va artist. It seems that there discogs changed the page display, it was just a change moveline. I also updated some search results. Check my post of Sep 2 2007, 23:59

cheers mate

now the display of cover art doesn't seem to work anymore for most releases.

example: search for Platnum - Rock me (discogs id: 812383) - no album art is shown, although it is on the website.

oddly enough, a search for Platnum - Sweet City (id 381468) displays the art correctly.

maybe discogs changed the layout yet again?

have the same issue with cover art
would be very thankful if somebody would look into it... Eric? :wink:
thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Let me know wic file you are using to do your search.

I tested with your ID: 812383 with discogs_release_ext5.src and I get the cover.

I upload the files I am using. I have still a problem with the type. I am not enough good with regular expressions. I hope somebody could fix that. It seems easy. But everything works with this src files.

Good tagging ! Don't spend too much time on it, I hope a day all musci files will have good tags !!!!!!!!! Thanks mp3tag :wink:

i used discogs_release_ext4_original.src and just tried discogs_release_ext5.src - both show no covers

however, it showed a cover of the 975462 release (which is VA, no?) but didn't show 1000838 and 1036225. 6 digits, 7 digits, no? just guessing what could be the cause, 812383 is also 6 digits.

what type you're having problem with?

thanks for help man!


wow, just tried the 50236 release and it worked. I'm not sure if it's possible but it seems that 7 digits releases do not get the cover. hope that isn't stupid :slight_smile:


I'm afraid my "digits" theory is wrong. the 157337 release doesn't give a cover too while the 114818 one of the same artist does :frowning:

I just tested discogs_release_ext5.src with 1036225
and discogs_release_ext4_original.src with 1000838 and 157337
and I get covers for all. Maybe the trouble come from somewhere else. Wich mp3tag version are you using ? I am using v2.39b.

i tested all of them again with both web sources - doesn't work and i also use 2.39b

if they work for you then it can't be a web source and i have no idea what can cause some of the covers not to download :frowning:

thanks for your help anyway


sometimes the covers that didn't show, show after the application restart or few tries