Discogs Handling of Apostrophes

Tag Source Discogs Artist + Title does not handle apostrophes in the title (e.g., Eddie Cantor - Ma He's Makin Eyes at Me). I don't know if this is an MP3Tag regex lookup issue or a Discogs issue. Apostrophes in the artist name or album seem to be handled correctly.

Release 3.03 is fabulous. I'm glad to see the much easier maintenance of Action Groups.


If that is the accurate representation of the title then it could be that the correct spelling "Ma He's Makin' Eyes At Me" (with an added apostrophe following "makin") improves the result. Like that the online search in Discogs found the track.

See also here:

Okay fine. I just picked a random one. Here's another one:
Earth, Wind & Fire - That's the Way of the World
Try this both with title:
That's the Way of the World
the Way of the World
You'll notice the dramatic difference in results.

Did you read @dano's reply:

There doesn't appear to be an ''advanced search'' in discogs.com ... the instructions tell you to start typing and the option will appear, but it didn't for me. The straightforward search for Earth, Wind & Fire - That's the Way of the World works fine with their basic search (1151 hits vs. 32 for mp3tag vs. 100 for mp3tag without "That's").
If you're pinging the discogs database, it seems as if you'd need some sort of mp3tag scraper, and that scraper would be the first place I'd look for a problem with apostrophes.
But you know your product infinitely better than I.
Be safe.

You can try it here https://www.discogs.com/search/advanced

Okay, advanced search on discogs came up with 111 hits for the example in my earlier post. I'd be okay with 100 hits as in my example.

Only 32 hits also on discogs web search:

0 hits for the first example:

The problem lies on the discogs search engine.
If we just leave out the apostrophe on the track parameter it seems to give the correct results.
I.e. "Ma Hes Makin Eyes at Me"

You are right about omitting the apostrophes. How's about an option to automatically strip out apostrophes in the MP3Tag Tag Sources lookup?

What you can already do is edit the Discogs Artist + Title.src file in %APPDATA%\Mp3tag\data\sources

and change the [Searchby] line to


Your solution works sometimes, but not for the example above. Try using your regex line with That's the Way of the World (32 hits) vs.the Way of the World (100 hits).

Sorry, please ignore my previous post. I was unfamiliar with the \sources files. Your regex works when placed in Discogs Artist + Title.src

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With Mp3tag v3.03c, I'm now automatically removing the apostrophes from the title for

  • Discogs Artist + Title and
  • Cover Art > Discogs Artist + Title.

Thanks for this.
DISCOGS also doesn't handle back-accented a's so a further 'refinement' could be: [SearchBy]=Artist||$if2(%albumartist%,%artist%)||&artist=%s||Title||$replace(%title%,'',,à,a)||&track=%s