Discogs ID not working 3.05

Hi - Having a problem with Discogs ID not accepting Paste command.
Thanks, Wayne

A little more information would be helpful - like what you have attempted to do in which context.
Otherwise the reply would be: can't reproduce it, works over here.

my problem is similar to the one mentioned above: When pasting the ID number [r2697477] into mp3tag mask than I get following message:
"Es wurden keine Einträge zu Ihrer Suchanfrage gefunden" (tranl. "no entries found to your request")

i.E. it worked for this ID number [r10854286]

It works here with both mentioned realease IDs,

In my case only 15-20% of my request are working.

It should work if you leave out the 'r'

I just tried without rectangular brackets and r. It don't work.
When it works than with the whole code [r#] as well.

Are you using this manually or via some external automatic process. If manual, are you maybe on a VPN that shares the IP with possibly many others?

I'm mainly asking because Discogs enforces rate-limiting if more that 60 authorized requests per minute from the same IP arrive at their servers.

I copy and paste the ID manually and I'm not using VPN.

What's the exact name of the script you use?

I think I'm using the default script. I didn't installed something new. Where I can find the script info?

In the "Tag sources" menu there should be several options with Discogs. If you want to use the ID you should choose "Discogs Release ID"

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ok thank you, it seems I used to often the wrong script, sorry for my stupidity :wink:

Is there any tool to edit a script to fit the own requierements?

A text editor can be used to edit scripts.

Sorry to be so late with reply but I found I had to be logged in to Discogs (Username/Password) then problem went away.
Stay safe, Wayne

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