Discogs Lookup for Multi-Artist Albums

Looking up the track Majalefa a Morena - Sengiyezwa (ARTIST - TITLE) with both the artist / title, just the artist or just the title gives no hits with DISCOGS lookup. And yet the track is part of the album Exotic Voices From Africa which will be found in an ALBUM lookup. Unfortunately I don't often have the album name for many of my songs of this stripe (which I call multi-artist albums, e.g., festivals, tributes, collections). I use DuckDuckGo to find the album names to use for searching.
Is there a lookup regex that can be used straight from MP3Tag to dig into these multi-artist albums?

It is much better if you use the search on the discogs-website (discogs.com) in such cases and when the album is found copy&paste the discogs-release-id (in your example [r9066722]) in the MP3Tag-websource-search for discogs-release-id.

Thanks. I'll try that.

Poster, how do you "copy" the release ID from discogs? I get an empty clipboard when I do CTL+C or right-click copy.

Did you mark the release-ID?

Yes. But based on your reply I tried again and it works. Weird.