Discogs "Merge" overwrites Title

Same on both the Mac and Windows versions of Mp3tag:
I start with populated metadata for Artist, Album and Title
Then when I do a Discogs search - based on Artist and Album - it finds one or more matches
I select one of the matches

In macOS (only):
Click [Merge] (no equivalent on the Windows variant)
The title gets overwritten - typically with that of a different track (of same album)
Other already-populated fields are not overwritten (AFAICT)

In Windows:
AFAICT there is no Merge option so it can only overwrite everything.

Is there a way to prevent the overwriting in Mp3tag-macOS > Merge ?
Is there a Merge in the Windows version (that I haven't found), or is one planned?

Many thanks for any advice

Just noticed, Merge also overwrites the Genre

Did you set the options as described in this thread?

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Ah I see... after experimenting just now

Just for you to comment on whether I got it right, and to document what worked (for any others or myself in years to come) what I did was as follows...

  • I did a Search then a Next
  • In the top panel I de-selected Title

This affected Save and Merge as follows...

  • Save would blank the title field
  • Merge would leave the existing title in place

Is that what you meant?

One other tip

  • It remembers the de-deselection next time you do a Search + Merge/Save

Yes, Save replaces the tag with the fields enabled in the Tag Sources results window, Merge combines the existing tag with the fields enabled in the results window (overwriting any existing contents).

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