Discogs metadata for multi-disc compilations


I have a Phil Collins album. I prefer to store it in 3 folders (CD1, CD2 and CD3).

The Discogs release ID is 9195914.

MP3TAG retrieves the metadata and displays it correctly, but for CD1 only. For CD2 and CD3, the problem is MP3TAG loads the whole album in the left pane, but on the right pane it is the content of CD2 or CD3 folders only. So if I proceed with sync, the metadata of the first song of CD2 will be populated with the metadata of the first song of CD1, down to the last song, unless of course I manually move down all 15 songs to the position 16 and below, which is not a pleasant solution.

If I was able to delete the unused metadata from left pane, it would be much easier.


Just load all 3 folders and mark all the files.

If I do that, I'll have 3xTrack 1, 3xTrack 2, …., 3xTrack15.

Unless I load each folder, change the track numbers (1..15, 16..30 and 31..45) then load all 3 folders and after syncing with Discogs, change the track numbers back.

This is not a solution. It is a painful workaround.

I don't know what informations your files carry before syncing them with discogs but I see no necessarity to change track numbers several times. All you have to do is sort the files in the right disk-order before using the websource.

And even if this were so - just 2 action groups would help:
one to copy the original track number to a user-defined field and set a new number,
the other to move the original track number back again and delete the user-defined field.
The real

would be to manually type in all the data for all the tracks.