Discogs only pulling first track title


i made a custom script which is a combination of different scripts i found on this forum. i have zero experience, but i have it doing most of the things i want now (cat# and label, i love it!).

my problem is that mp3tag is only pulling the first track title from a release no matter which track number i choose. can someone see an error in my attached script?

one unrelated question: is there any way to get mp3tag to pull the disc sides such as "a1, b2, etc." in the Track field instead of track "1, 2, 3"?

discogs.src (6.81 KB)


Works here, I've tried with "Air" and Moon Safari.


I've got the same problem than nonstatic : whatever DB script I use, it pull only the first track even if I select another one


Unfortunately, web sources can only be used to query information for whole albums.


I found a work around with Amazon French
It won't give you correct track number (in fact it won't give you any!) but everything else should be OK

One_Song__Amazon.fr.src (3.04 KB)


That's no workaround. It seems you didn't understand the issue.
People want to have the Title information, too.

But it's now possible in the latest version to move the position of the tracks of an album so you can tag for example the first file with song nr. 7 (and not nr. 1).


You're right, I don't understand!
is their query only with the album title?
Do they only know the number of the song?
In my case i just had the tittle and wanted to be able to find the album that included it and other info. copying and pasting title & track num is really quick.

Which version are you talking about 2.35 stable or 2.35m ?

THX in advance


I mean 2.35m

You select one song (knowing what title it should have), then query by album. On the album window you see all tracks from the album.
Now you want to tag that one song with the correct title from the album window.
And that's only possible if the title is on top of the list (and with 2.35m you can do it by dragging it to the top).


that's handy but sometimes people don't have the album title


sorry to revive a dead thread, but thanks, this solves my issue!