Discogs pone (edit the script)

Hi everyone!

First, sorry for my bad english!
Second, i want to change the script, i want to write the "composed by", the "written by" and "written-by" fields to the Composer, or the Artist field (if the current release have any of this field)! I paste it all this fields into the Extra Artist field, but in this way it don't work, because if the current release only have "composed by" fields in example, the next two track row remain empty (because the script next search "written by" and then "written-by" fields, but the current release only have "composed by" fields). This means, if i want to write this type of data in the Composer or Artist field, i must always change the script according to the current release's spelling (some releases uses "composed by", others "written-by" and so on...)! So, the question is, is that the only way, or not?