Discogs quick album art importing issues

It seems that importing album art from Discogs by using the quick Discogs button has some - not critical - issues:

  1. The Quick art (Artist+Album) button for importing art, is somehow connected to Discogs submenu. I've noticed that it inherits the last selection of the Discogs submenu, i.e. if the submenu has been used to search - for example - the cover art only by album (selection Discogs -> cover art -> Disgogs) the next quick search is pinned to the "album" field only without showing the artist field. The exact same thing happens if the Discogs submenu has been used recently to import tag information (i.e titles, album, artists etc.) and not just album art. The next "Discogs quick art search" is pinned to the last selection of the Discogs submenu.
  2. In the later case, i.e. if the Discogs subfolder menu has been used to add information (and not just the album art) the next time the quick art button is used, all relative information is inserted (i.e. titles, album, artists etch.) and not only the album art. So somebody has to be extra careful because if every other kind of tag information has been inserted by hand and the quick button is used to just enter the album art, the already inserted information might be modified by the discogs connection.

Ahem. AFAIK the bevaviour that you describe works as designed:
Just clicking on the toolbar button for web sources without selecting on explicitly calls the last used web source.
So I assume that it is either a good idea to always select the web source script that you really want to use - or use the shortcut with a simple click if you know exactly which web source script will be called.
E.g. the web source script for lyrics has a high individual share for repeated calls and it is rather convenient that one can call that without the need to layaway through the menu levels. This could be different for the discogs script.

That in your case it is always a discogs script is accidental and depends on your individual workflow.

I disagree because if I use the quick button I can always correct the displayed fields, but let's suppose that's not a big thing. But what about no. 2 of my observations? I repeat with an example:

  1. I add an album (the contents of a folder) to mp3tag and - for instance - the artist is missing
  2. I choose - from the Discogs submenu - the plain "Discogs" selection which searches for the album title, to retrieve the artist(s) information from Discogs and automatically insert it to the album's tag
  3. With all information inserted and saved, I complete this job.
  4. I'm starting a new job by adding a new album (the contents of another folder) with every information filled by hand and only the art missing.
  5. Now I'm clicking the Discogs quick button to retrieve just the album art. I find the album and save the information I thought was only the album art.
  6. But I discover that by saving the album art, every other piece information from Discogs is inserted (i.e track titles, album title, artist name, numbering format etc.) replacing the information I had previously inserted by hand, although I asked only for the album art.
    So, if there is a difference between the album information I had already inserted, from the information in Discogs I have to re-enter it. I don't think that this is the right thing and it happens as if the previous search is "pinned" in memory.

That is the intended behaviour. If you only want the albumart from discogs you have to use a script that is only looking for albumart. You find the "Cover-art"-scripts in Tag-sources-> Cover Art.

Can you describe me the use of "Discogs (quick)" button on the toolbar?

The button that you probably have in mind recalls the last used web source script.
There is one to execute the script at once (quick) and another one that also offers a drop down list - just like the Web Sources Menu.

That you see

as bubblehelp in the button is coincidental. I see "Lyrics#Musixmatch" - which is a reminder for the user to see which web source was used as the last one and which will be used if he simply clicks the button.
The bubblehelp will change as soon as you use a different web source script.

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