Discogs: remove (*) comments from Artist


When I don't found an album in MusicBrainz I use Discogs. However, I hate that this database stores comments inside the Artist tag. So, I see a lot of "Name (1)" or similar.

So, as the "comment reference" is in the form of [(?) ] or [(??) ] where '?' is a digit [0-9] and it's one SPACE after the bracket, I feel it's easy to search for these comments and remove them.
Any idea to achieve this "automatically"?

Thank you.

Perhaps an action of the type "Guess value" may help:
Source: %artist%
Pattern: %artist% (%dummy%)


I feel can be more easy to add some "check" inside the TagSource code to remove these comments. That's because the part to remove can be in the middle, and it's very easy to detect: "(" + "digit" + ")" + "space", with just one or two digits possible.

No, I would be quite glad if the data stayed as it is as I would like to be able to tell all the artists with just one name apart.
So if you do not like that index, remove it. I would like to keep it. No automatism there.
Or modify the script yourself - it is a plain text file.

I setup an action group to remove those. Make sure there is a leading space "_(1)" and replace it with nothing. Clone action and change the number till your happy.

If you use a "Replace wth regular expression), you might need only one action:
Search string: \(\d+\)$
(leave empty)