Discogs.src Extension

Hello everyone.

I want to enhance the script "discogs.src".
It should be displayed in the search results, an additional column. In this, the number of tracks to be displayed per album.

Just as is the case in the script "Amazon.de.src".

That would make the search for the right release oversimplify. Without having to detour through the Web search or until each release in the Open preview.

It would be great here to find help.

In German:

Hallo zusammen.

Ich möchte das Skript "discogs.src" erweitern.
Es sollte in den Suchergebnissen eine zusätzliche Spalte angezeigt werden. Dabei soll die Anzahl der Songs (Tracks') pro Album (Release) angezeigt werden.

So wie es bei dem Skript "Amazon.de.src" ist.

Das würde die Suche nach dem richtigen Release vereinfachen. Ohne den Umweg über die Web-Suche oder jedes Ergebniss in der Vorschau zu öffnen.

Es wäre klasse, wenn mir jemand dabei helfen könnte.

Certain websources (e.g. Amazon, MusicBrainz) offer total nr of tracks during the search. This is a field already present there (same as artist, title, etc).
Discogs itself is another kind of beast with too much raw information. They have missed the point of well-structuring a release. I had started two threads there but the majority of replies came from simple users not having a clue what organise/nomralise data means (so for them is pretty OK as is now, LoL). In the contrary, several of them really agreed on poor design but I haven't yet realized how a request can reach the "expected" target (design, development team) so I gave up.
In this aspect it wouldn't be possible IMHO to get any solution for your (fair) request.

Hi Victor.
Thanks for your answer. Apologies my English. It really is not good, but Google helps me. :wink:

I have the real into his head to solve it. Maybe I get still from a "professional" help.
I am working on myself to get a better understanding in the interrogation techniques.

Perhaps the two threads of you are me one more help. Can you give it to me? That would be nice of you.
Regards, Dirk

In German:

Hi Victor.

Danke für deine Antwort. Enschuldige bitte mein Englisch. Es ist wirklich nicht gut, aber Google hilft mir. :wink:
Ich habe mir das echt in den Kopf gesetzt, um es zu lösen. Vielleicht bekomme ich doch noch von einem "Profi" hilfe.

Ich arbeite mich gerade selber in die Abfragetechniken ein um ein besseres Verständnis zu bekommen. Vielleicht sind mir die zwei Threads von dir noch eine Hilfe. Kannst du sie mir nennen? Das wäre nett von dir.

Viele Grüße, Dirk

scratch this post, went portable with the new version, solved the issue