Discogs Tag Info Issue

I've been using MP3TAG for months with no issues. The issues began with not pulling the album cover image, there were instances when no tag information would come, then it would fix itself and work fine for a while. It was intermittent.

Lately it's been every time I run the program. I did the "s.pixogs.com" correction, and it worked the very first time using the program (all the information and image were pulled from Discogs), the second time the album cover image did not work, and now the third time no information is being retrieved.

There have been other similar posts with this issue, but all seem to have issues with the image only, this is everything with me.


When the "Adjust Tag Information" window appears, everything is blank except my selected songs. However when I click "This Album on Discogs.com" button at the bottom of the window, it opens the correct webpage.

Can you check whether you're using the official Discogs tag source that is shipped with Mp3tag? It should be working and no adjustments should be necessary.

I uninstalled are re-installed ver 2.93 after this began, the issues persist with MP3TAG out of the box. It's got to something my Windows 10is preventing?

I uninstalled ver 2.93 and reinstalledver 2.94 (released today). I authorized through Discogs normally, first attempt it retrieved the TAG info only, no image.

Closed MP3TAG and ran some new files, again the TAG info is retrieving but no cover art.

It's an improvement but I'm hesitant to correct the install per other threads with "(http://s.pixogs.com/)" as this made the last version retrieve nothing.

And now 12 hours later, the exact same files work 100%, all data and image is retrieved. I'm at a loss?

And the second time I use MP3TAG on new files, it retrieves the TAG info but no image again. This random working crap is impossible!

I've had a detailed look at the issue and discovered that one of the volumes of the Discogs Image Proxy I'm running on a dedicated server ran out of available space.

This had the effect that all requests were directly routed to Discogs and their rate-limiting by IP address kicked in.

I've now increased the disc size for the image proxy (it's currently serving >315 GB of JPG's) and things should turn back to normal slowly.

Thanks for your patience and for reporting in the first place.

Thanks Florian :slight_smile: Hope this helps out.