Discogs track mapping selection?

hi all!

I'm just dipping my toes into MP3TAG and I am loving it so far!
I would like to use the Discogs tag feature to get all the info of the song loaded into the track - brilliant!!

What I don't understand tho, is how to select the correct song from the Discogs results.
I have an example here: Imgur: The magic of the Internet

In this example the song I want to tag is actually "side B" of the Discogs release - Disaster Area. MP3TAG only lets me use "side A" - Bass Gladiators, so if I press save it overwrites the song title in my MP3 from Disaster Area to Bass Gladiators.

Is there any way around this so that I can select the song I want to use for the title tag instead of only able to get the "side A" or first title on a Discogs release?


I am not sure if this is your problem ...
You have to align the files an the right with the list on the left.
For that purpose you can move the files on the right up and down.

Aaah! I was unaware I could drag/align that! That is indeed the solution to my issue :smiley:
I was looking for up/down buttons, I never tried dragging them around. Thanks a lot!

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