Discogs Track Number / Disc Number issues with Multi-Disc Releases

Hi, I am having an issue including correct track numbers and disc numbers for data from the Discogs service.

Instead of importing the information from the Discogs website regarding the track number, it seems that Mp3Tag will start counting from track number 1. Therefore if you have, for example, 4 discs with 12 tracks each, Mp3Tag will fill in the track number field from 1 (on the first track) to 48 (the 12th track on the 4th disc). I'm unsure how to best handle situations like this since the information on the discogs site for multi-disc releases does not seem to conform to a standard. Some will form the track numbers like:


while others might do something like:

CD%discnumber% - %tracknumber%

wile even others might do:


I'm just wondering if there is any reliable method of handling these so they get tagged properly (even more so since I would like to generate the file names from the tags themselves).

Thanks! Mp3Tag has already saved me countless hours in retagging, you guys have done an awesome job!

In this part of the forum you can find some script that get more information from discogs, also Discnumber:

I'm really interested in this option, could you specify more please...

I usually leave tracks in 01/xx, 02/xx, 03/xx, ...
and Discnumber (for 3 discs): 1/3, 2/3, 3/3

If I could get that with a Discogs Extended ID search
i'm using this: /t/1992/1
The only this is that I know nothing of programming, to add in there a line that will also take the Discnumber info