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I love the tool. A question: would it be possible to have an option to replace "Various" as albumartist when importing from Discogs with "Various Artists"? that would be a great addition.

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You could easily modify the contents of the field ALBUMARTIST with an action of the type "Format value" after you have imported data from a web source.

Only disadvantage: if it is already "Various Artists" it replaces Various again making i "Various Various Artists" :thinking:

I don't know. If you use Format value with
Format string: Various Artists
I do not see any duplication, it just sets the plain string.

So what does your action look like?

This is where the filter comes in handy. Use it to show only the tracks with the exact value “Various”, highlight them all, then apply the format function that was suggested.

Or you could add an action to the action group that replaces "Various Various" with a single "Various".

Thanks for all the suggestions. The Format Value seems to be the way to go.

The solution I tried first is shown in the screenshot below and causes duplications when used twice:

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