DisCoverArt: Batch import album cover art based on artist and title


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I have a couple of questions. On launching the multiple CMD search windows. Is it possible to configure those windows to run minimized? I am also curious as to how DCA determines which sites to search when using the "all" option? I'd like to create a custom list so I can just use the "all" option when doing a search. Not a huge deal but it would be cool.

Thanks, this is a cool tool.



This tool is very useful!

Although, as mentioned before, it would be more helpful if it saved the images directly to the mp3 files, so one doesn't have to run both the search via tools and then also the “save cover art” action. Also, (I don't know if possible, but) while the search results appear, it'd be cool if somehow the size/ratio of the picture is displayed in the window next to yes/no/cancel.



I don't understand your problem, you just need to change the parameters. While defining the tool in MP3Tag set the parameters to

"%artist%" "%album%" 0 1 500 500 jpg 1 1

After executing the tool you will find a single image named artist - album.jpg in each album-folder.

Now set the formatstring for the cover-name in the action to

%artist% - %album%.jpg

Executing the action will add the cover-image to any song in the particular folder. Works fine in batch-mode.

Cheers, Zoidberg


Hi, thanks for providing the tool. I have found it to be quite useful.

It's it possible to edit the script to lookup catno or web address tags using the Discogs service?

The reason is that I am looking to download art for a thousand singles recorded from vinyl, and the art is typically not found in the initial 5 hits for artist and title - due to multiple geographic releases.


Good day,

I just stumbled upon this (seemingly) useful tool, but I can't seem to get it to fetch any image, even when executed manually from a command line for a single file, including what I presume are the working examples in the README.

Any chance Google once again changed their format?

And just to be sure - the tool, when executed from (for example) %programfiles%/mp3tag, will save the images in that same path, correct? Or will it default to %userprofile% or such? I did a hard-drive wide search for artist*.jpg and found nothing, but I figured I'd ask :slight_smile:

Thank you much!


Ufortunately it seems not working anymore ... hopefull the author of discoverart.exe will take a look to the problem


New version v., download at:
Google has changed its search engines.
Fixed now.


Is it possible to use operators in part of the command line? Say, if I wanted to search for images with width and height '>1000'. With the small amount of testing I've done, it appears that if you use an operator in place of a number, it ignores the whole argument. Since this is not the correct way to do this, is there a correct way? Or is this just not possible with the current state of the program?


Also, Is there a way to add %album% as a search term? I imagine the search accuracy could be some much more with the addition of that argument.

Edit: I just thought about replacing %title% with %album% so that my command line appears as the following: ""%artist%" "%album%" all 1 1 1200 1200 jpg 20 0"

That seems to work, but I imagine it would be a lot better if a 3rd argument could be derived from mp3tag like this: ""%artist%" "%title%" "%album%" all 1 1 1200 1200 jpg 20 0"


Isn't it that it hardly ever happens that a single title exists without an album name? And that it is usually the album that holds the picture? I would think that the album name is the correct search criterion.


You can modify the "search string" as you like.
You can make it any combination of %artist% and/or %title% and/or %album% or any other value.
Because there is only one search string passed to Google (together with other metavalues about size etc).


DisCoverArt doesn´t work anymore. Can somebody confirm that?


Still working here.


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Gives error:


Please read the manual:

Unzip DisCoverArt.exe and custommsgbox.dll from to a permanent directory (f.i. %programfiles%\Mp3tag).
Register custommsgbox.dll (created by westconn1):
open a command prompt (cmd.exe as administrator) and type:

cd %programfiles%\Mp3tag (directory where you unzipped custommsgbox.dll)
regsvr32 custommsgbox.dll (a dialogbox will appear showing successful registration of the dll)

ps. opening a command prompt as administrator is done as follows:
type "cmd" in search, right-click "cmd.exe" or "command prompt" and select "Run as administrator"


ha the problem was solved running as admin.


Is there a way to make the downloaded jpg have a different file name? I would like to add tag %discnumber% to the front of the file name.

I changed the action to %discnumber% %artist% - %title%.jpg which seems correct when the script searches for the jpg, but the jpg still saves to %artist% - %title%.jpg



That is not possible right now.



Would it be possible for you to add a discogs_releaseid search query to this tool?

My tags all have a discogs_releaseid and I would like to be able to get all coverart for that particular release, rather than a much more broad artist + title search.