DisCoverArt: Batch import album cover art based on artist and title


DisCoverArt is based on the Google image search api. I doubt that you will find correct coverart using the artist and discogs_releaseid. Could be. You have to try it in Google.

If that works you have to check in MP3Tag if there is a parameter like %discogsid, then you could create an action using that parameter.
Perhaps you stored your discogsid in another id3-variable, then you have to use that below.

fi. for 300x300:
In the menu, select "Tools/Options/Tools" and click on the button "New" (button with yellow star).
Name: "DisCoverArt Discogs 300x300 Artist+Title NoQuotes Manual"
Path: select the path where you unzipped DisCoverArt.exe (f.i. C:\Program Files\Mp3tag) and select DisCoverArt.exe
Parameter: "%artist%" "%%" 0 1 300 300 jpg 20 0
Do not Select the checkbox "For all selected files" and click "Ok".

Good luck!
ps. you can also first try manually in a command prompt using this syntax: example:
discoverart "" "" all 1 0 300 300 jpg 10 1



I'll try that out.


My music library is about 75% genre based, not album based. That means I have large folders of say, "80s rock" or "Disco", or "Heavy metal" with only the hits from those genres. I don't want all of these "singles" cluttering the list of albums, so they are set up like very large "various artist" albums. This means The SONG artist and SONG title what I need to search on to find matching cover-art.

I had over a decade's worth of MP3s that i had collected, but never bothered much with the album art for. Then I got a car that displays the artwork. Trying to resolve this was going to be a major chore without help. Every other search tool I've tried fails to return art because they want the album name to match, or try to use Album Artist. DiscOverArt worked beautifully. It usually finds the CD-Single artwork which gives each song a unique cover. If it doesn't exist it usually finds the album it belongs to.

Love this tool. Thanks so much for it!


When executing the DisCoverArt Tool Norton kicks in and spits out a firewall alert and labels the exe as trojan and according to virustotal, as do 5 other scanning softwares:

What should i make of that, i thought this was fixed?

Using DisCoverArt version and Mp3Tag version 2.85