DisCoverArt: Batch import album cover art based on artist and title

first of all thank you for your work and for your intervention. I don't find it safe or appropriate to use a Russian search engine, wouldn't it have been better to use bing for example? I hope that in the future discoverart.exe will be able to work without yandex. For the moment I have made the switch to "sacad" that do not use russian engines but hope to go back to using discoverart.exe in the future.

If you don't trust Yandex, you shouldn't trust Google either (even less). Google and by extension Facebook (Meta) know more about you than you would ever suspect.
In previous versions of DisCoverArt, I used the Google Search Engine anonymously. Unfortunately, this is currently no longer possible. Google forces the use of cookies and that you accept this. I currently use Yandex completely anonymously, and the results are jpegs. No cookies or trackers are saved after an album art query. So I think this is reliable.

mine is not a technical question but a moral one, I don't intend to use anything that comes from russia that's why I was sorry to see that discoverart.exe now uses yandex. I hope one day you will change your mind. In the meantime I have replaced discoverart.exe with sacad.exe