Discrepancy in return CDDB data


I am not sure this is a bug, but when I retrieve info for a CD from FreeDB and FreeDB reports the CDDB DISCID starting with a zero in the list of search results, that zero will be removed from the front of the ID and appended to the end of the ID when you go to the next dialog.

An example, I have the 3CD set from Prince "One Nite Alone... Live!" and CD2 has as ID
"0D0E8811". When I search on ID, it says in the returned data that the ID is "D0E88110"

EDIT: If an ID starts with more than one zero, every zero will be moved to the end of the ID on the 'Next' screen after the "List of search results..." dialog

Mp3tag v2.71 does return no DISCID.
Erroneous behaviour for Mp3tag v2.75 is confirmed, ...
which returns DISCID="D0E88110" ...
when FREEDB-ID is "0D0E8811".


I've just tried this and the ID is removed correctly when using the web search by ID option. Either I've already fixed this or we're talking about something different.

I'm now able to reproduce it and will fix it to the next release.

I've fixed this issue with the latest Development Build Mp3tag v2.87f.

Thanks for reporting!

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