Disnumber and Track Number

My mp3 library directory structure is as follows:

Artist\Album\mp3 files

My mp3 files are named as follows:
x.yy zzz.mp3

where x is the disc number, yy is the track number and zzz is the track name.

I haven't been able to use Format value action to get the Discnumber in the format x/maximum value of x, for a single Album directory.

I can use $num(%_counter%,2)'/'%_total_files% in the Format Value action to set the Track Number for a single Album directory.

What I would like are actions to

  1. Set the Discnumber for my whole library.

  2. Track Number for my whole library, but I don't know how to reset %_counter% or %_total_files% each time the directory changes.

Any ideas?


if the filename already contains the discnumber and the track number you may import them with the function Filename - Tag and a pattern like this:
%discnumber% %track% %title%
the example should give you immediat feedback whether the right data ends up in the right tag.

For resetting the number per folder you may use the numbering assistant (button in the toolbar)::
there you see the options for starting value, whether the total number should be stored and whether the counter is to be reset.
Was this what you were looking for?

I'm looking for a solution that I can use in action. I am aware of the auto-numbering wizard and the Filename - Tag menu commands.


Because there is no ability for Mp3tag actions do run in a loop against albums or other groupings you are lost, but you can use a work around.

Write an export script, use the $loop() command to catch all albums, for each album count files and disks and such, create a textual output format, which can be used afterwards by "Textfile to Tag" to import the values into the files.