Display 3rd party app fields

Is it possible for mp3tag to display the "Txxx" fields shown in the image?

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See the help on supported tag fields.

Also, open the extended tags dialogue (alt-T) to see the read fields there.
In that dialogue you also see the MP3tag field names so that you can adapt the tag panel and file list according to your needs.

Thanks for replying.
Sorry I should have been more forthcoming with information.
I've tried reading multiple threads and documents, I've opened the extended panel but there are no fields displayed. I've also tried to create them from customizing columns and using the tag codes but they still don't display. I thought it was more a case of me not using the correct syntax than mp3tags capabilities.

The Txxx show in Musicbee's tag inspector so maybe I'll have to go that route.

Is this something that could be added to mp3tag in future?

Did you really have a look at the list?
I find tkey, tsrc, tpe4 and many more.
If you do not see them in Mp3tag, check whether you read APE tags and whether there are APE tags in the files.
Perhaps you see the fields if you do not read APE tags.

If you want to create a field do not use the field name from the standard but the MP3tag name, tkey would then be INITIALKEY.

Yes i really had a look at the list along with this list (http://id3.org/id3v2.4.0-frames) and neither list includes: