Display album art in Windows Media Player


The skin does not appear in Windows Media Player v.11.05721.5280 :frowning:

In the player Winamp v. 5623 and player foobar2000 v. 1.1.10 skins sewn (saved) in the m3tag v. 2.50 calculation normally.

What could be the problem :unsure: ?

Version 2.50: mp3tag
System: Windows XP SP3
The extension of the file to save the skins: mp3

Xp still relies on the folder.jpg files to display covers.
The easiest way would be - if you have stored the covers inside the music files - to load all music files, select them and apply the action
"Export cover"
and specify the name folder. jpg in the corresponding dialogue.

khm, that is, you want to say that Winamp displays are not sewn / built-in covers, and those that lie next to it in the folder with the mp3? so?

but a nuance, cover me are not stored in the same folder with the mp3, but in a different folder, but nevertheless covers to mp3 still shows - although the cover built into the mp3 file in other programs, yet I think it's just some settings / parameters mp3tag

No, not Winamp but Windows Media Player (WMP).
If you want to see pictures in any but the "details" view in WMP then you have to have one picture file with the exact name
in each album folder.
WMP in XP does not really care about embedded pictures.
This, by the way, has nothing to do with mp3tag but is a WIndows Media Player problem.
You could also try to run "AlbumArtFixer" which is a freeware program. This should help you to identify albums with problems.