Display all titles under their respective Album names.



I started with a happy smiley coz I am happy that I found mp3tag. cleaned up a lot of mp3 files (6000). But i have a problem. my challange was to assign album name as the folder name to all teh files that are under one folder.



All the files under Latest_2011 folder would have Latest_2011 as their Album name, So i used
the Filename-->Tag converted as suggested in this link
/t/9289/1 (thanks to that author)

I was happy but , this is what i found when i synced all my music to my ipod :frowning:

All those music that was downloaded as 'albums' showed up in my Albums list
But for all those 1000s of files that I edited album names they show up as described below

Album List:


Where Eagles, Beetles and Warriors are downloaded from web directly as 'Albums'
Where as I had like 16 songs under the folder "Latest_2011"
Which are scattered into all those 8 album names which are the same.

I want to see my Album list in ipod as follows


I dont want to see the same Album name more than once.

If my description is not clear please look at the attachment , the Album 'pokiri' is not supposed to show up so many times for every single song in the album list.

Just found out a special case, the Album 'Patriotic' in the attachment was also edited by Mp3Tag

:frowning: Now iam confused, please suggest.

thanks a lot in advance.
Organizing mp3 files might be a trivial part of ones life, But I am so happy I found mp3Tag.

Inhalt aus "ARTIST" entfernen und dem Inhalt von "COMMENT" voranstellen

iTunes (and the other "i"s) define Albums as

  • having the same album name
  • having the same album artist

So: check your entries whether the field ALBUMARTIST is filled. If not, put something in, e.g. the artist (see FAQs on actions for copying one field contents into another field).

Now then: your album "pokiri" probably has no ALBUMARTIST but various ARTISTS - so iTunes treats is as though there is one album by every artist.
By default MP3tag does not show the ALBUMARTIST field.
Adapt the file list by adding a column with the contents and value %albumartist% and also the tag panel (open Extras > Options >Tag panel to add an entry).


Thanks mate. Was able to Bring down my album list for 373 folders to 380. Previously it was 500+
I Copied the Album name into the AlbumArtist Field and it worked out like a charm. Thanks a bunch.