Display Composer, Genre and other similar fields as lists

Please allow me to start with a couple of disclaimers:

  1. I tried my best searching for postings that would cover my request below, but couldn't find any.

  2. I am 100%, completely illiterate when it comes to music files tagging, handling of metadata and any advanced feature of MP3Tag itself.

Here's what I would like to do (the why is a long story):

I noticed by displaying metadata using MP3Tag's Extended Tag viewer that some fields may contain a collection of names or items (lists), like Composer, Genre, Artist, etc.


I have seen the Composer field displayed in MP3Tag's Extended Tag viewer as:

"COMPOSER Name1; Name2; Name3"



I would greatly appreciate if someone could provide me with a way (script, action or something similar) to batch convert within the WMA metadata the aforementioned fields (mainly Composer and Artist) to the format specified on format 1, as a list separated by ";".

Please remember to make it understandable by a dummy like me...

Thanks a lot in advance.

This is one tag-field with multiple content.

These are multiple fields. If they are defined in the Tag-panel or in the column-view you will see one field and the contents are seperated by "\\".

Create an action-group (ALT-6) and define for each tag field the following action:

Action-type: Merge duplicate fields
Field: COMPOSER (or ARTIST or ...)
Separator: ;

Advice: Always test with separate copies of your originals before going into "production".

Thank you so much for the perfect tip. It was much easier to accomplish than I ever imagined, thanks to you.

Warm regards from Florida, where winter hasn't arrived yet...