Display folder path length in decimals in columns

I'm trying to copy music over from a external drive to an android phone. Some of the file names are to long and the transfer ends prematurely. I'm on Windows and I know the file path and file name can't exceed 256 characters.

I used to have it set up where I had a column named "Path Length" which would display the amount of characters used for each track. I would then manually edit the tracks that were over the 256 limit.

Somehow, because of updating/reinstalling this custom column has been lost. I cannot remember how to get it back. I tried Google, but all I keep getting are results to this page:

Someone one in that thread talks about what I'm trying to achieve but there is no explanation as to how to do it. I'm not familar with all the scripting functions and have no idea what I'm doing.

Create a new column with only a label and the
Value: $len(%_folderpath%)

Or if you need the folderpath plus the filename:
Value: $len(%_path%)

Alternatively, you could filter for files which have a path longer than 256 characters, so that you don't have to check manually (and perhaps miss one):
"$len(%_path%)" GREATER 256

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